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Wave Basin

Posted on October 28th, 2013

Experiment The new IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering wave basin facility is described, which was specifically designed for global and local flow measurements around free running models for benchmark CFD validation data, including six plunger-type wave makers, x carriage and y, θ sub-carriage/turntable with the model tracking system, the model release system, and semi-captive mount. Trajectories are […]

EFD Data

Posted on March 15th, 2012

Validation Data The IIHR ship hydro team has completed many experimental studies in the IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering towing tank. At left are links to individual pages that provide a description of the experiment, references, and archived datasets. A brief table of experimental conditions is also included; however, usually one or more of the references can […]


Posted on March 15th, 2012

Use of CFD for Improving System-based Methods for Maneuvering and Stability in Regular and Irregular Arbitrary Heading Waves, Including CFD-based System Identification Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense, ONR Dates: 4/2014–5/2017 CFDShip-Iowa Code Development, Fluid-structure Interaction, and V&V for Semi-planing and Deep-V Planing Hulls Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense, ONR Dates: 4/2014–3/2017 Stochastic SBD for Reduction […]