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EFD Data

Validation Data

The IIHR ship hydro team has completed many experimental studies in the IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering towing tank. At left are links to individual pages that provide a description of the experiment, references, and archived datasets. A brief table of experimental conditions is also included; however, usually one or more of the references can be downloaded to give a more complete description of the experiment, including experimental setup, conditions, data locations, uncertainty assessment procedures, and results.

Idealized/Practical Geometries, Small/Large Facilities

  • Free-surface instability in flume.

    Free-surface instability in flume.

    Development of measurement systems for small/large facilities

  • Global/local flow measurements including physics/modeling
  • EFD benchmark data with UA for CFD validation

Flume (30m x 0.91m x 0.45m)

  • Free surface instability (Free surface, 2D-PIV, Borescopic-PIV)
  • Plunging wave breaking span-wise structures

Towing Tank (100m x 3m x 0.45m)

  • Ship propulsion/maneuvering/sea-keeping/environmental tests (CFD whole field, Tomographic-PIV)
  • Flat plate; NACA0024
IIHR towing tank.

IIHR towing tank.

Wave Basin (40m x 20m x 4.2m)

  • Non-contacting photo-tracking system
  • Trajectory/6DOF motions/local flow field
  • Free-running ONR Tumblehome model (T35-calm, Z20-wave)
  • Maneuvering/sea-keeping tests
  • System Identification (SI) approach
IIHR wave basin.

IIHR wave basin.


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Last modified on July 1st, 2015
Posted on March 15th, 2012