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IIHR Ship Hydro Collaborations

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Global
National International Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program (NICOP) Projects:

  • BSHC: Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Delft372 Catamaran and Traffic Ship In Calm Water and Waves; Evgeni Milanov; 2013–16
  • Force/Dmi: Experimental and Cfd Study of Added Resistance for Ships in Regular Waves Including Effects of Model Size and Heading; Claus Simonsen; 2012–15
  • INSEAN: Experimental Study of Static Drift and Stochastic Added Resistance for the Delft Catamaran; Ricardo Broglia; 2011–14
  • INSEAN: Stochastic Variable Physics SBD for High-Speed Waterjet Ships; Emilio Campana; 2012–14
  • NMRI: INSEAN: Stochastic Variable Physics SBD for High Speed Waterjet Ships; Yusuke Tahara; 2012–14
  • Osaka University: Validation of Numerical Tools for Predicting Hull Form Effect on Ship Capsizing Boundary in Waves; Naoya Umeda; 2011–13
  • Seoul National University: Experimental Study of Damaged Ship Stability for CFD Validation; Shin Hyung Rhee; 2013–16

NATO Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT):

  • AVT-216: Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Maneuvering and Control
  • AVT-183: Reliable Prediction of Separated Flow Onset and Progression for Air and Sea Vehicles
  • AVT-191: Application of Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification to Military Vehicle Design
  • AVT-204:  Assess the Ability to Optimize Hull Forms of Sea Vehicles for Best Performance in a Sea

Organizer, International Workshop


  • Osaka University: Professor Toda Yasuyuki
  • University of Florence: Professor Andrea Arnone
  • University of Idaho: Professor Tao Xing
  • Mississippi State: Dr. Shanti Bhushan

NEEC Projects

  • University of Michigan; DTMB; Virginia Tech

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