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Overall (as of March 2013):

  • Chapters in 5 books
  • 4 textbooks
  • 51 refereed papers, 6 discussions
  • 154 conference/congress/symposium papers
  • 22 other publications
  • 62 reports
  • 4 patents
  • 12 technical, educational, and professional organizations’ websites

Selected Publications


  1. Chapter in “Water Quality and Sustainability” Elsevier, Ch. 21: Information-Centric Systems for Underpinning Sustainable Watershed Resource Management, M. Muste (in press)
  2. Chapter in Gravel Bed Rivers 7: “Modern Digital Instruments and Techniques for Hydrodynamic and Morphologic Characterization of Streams,” (2012), M. Muste, D. Kim, V. Merwade; Chapter 24 in Gravel-bed rivers: processes, tools, environments, (2012), Church, M., Biron, P., Roy, A.G. Editors. John Wiley & Sons, LTD., ISBN 978-0-470-68890-8, Chichester, UK, pp. 315-342.
  3. Chapters in “Data Requirements for Integrated Urban Water Management,” (2008).  Taylor & Francis & UNESCO Publishing, ISBN 978-92-3-104059-7, Editors: T.D. Fletcher and A. Deletic.  Ch.6: Understanding and Managing Uncertainty (pp. 65-89), M. Muste; Ch.8: Data Validation: Principles and Implementation (pp. 103-124), M. Muste, J-L. Bertrand-Krajewski.

Papers Invited for Journal Special Issues

  1. Muste, M., Bennett, D.A., Secchi, S., Schnoor, J.L., Kusiak, A., Arnold, N.J., Mishra, S.K., Ding, D., Rapolu, U. (2012). “End-to-End Cyberinfrastructure for Decision-Making Support in Watershed Management,” Special issue on Cyberinfrastructure – Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Va., doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000289
  2. Muste, M., Kim, D., and H-C. Ho (2011). “Considerations on Direct Stream Flow Measurements Using Video Imagery: Outlook and Research Needs,” Special Issue – Field and Laboratory Particle Image Velocimetry and its Application in Hydraulics Research and Flow Measurements, Journal of Hydro-environment Research, 5, pp. 289-300.
  3. Muste, M., Kim, D., Arnold, N., Whiteaker, T., Just, C., and Kruger, A.  (2010).  “Digital Watershed Inception Using Community Project Components,” Special Issue on Cyberinfrastructure for Hydrology and Environmental Engineering, Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers, Water Management, 163(1),Thomas Telford Journal, London, U.K., pp. 13-25.
  4. Quinn, P.F., Hewett, C.J.M., Muste, M., and Popescu, I. (2010).  “Towards New Types of Water-centric Collaboration: Instigating the Upper Mississippi River Basin Observatory Process,” Special Issue on Cyberinfrastructure for Hydrology and Environmental Engineering, Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers, Water Management, 163(1), Thomas Telford Journal, London, U.K., pp. 39-51
  5. Muste, M., Yu, K., Fujita, I., and Ettema, R.  (2009). “Two-Phase Flow Insights into Open-Channel Flows with Suspended Particles of Different Densities,” Journal of Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 9(2), DOI 10.1007/s10652-008-9102-7, pp. 161-186.
  6. Muste, M., Fujita, I., and Hauet, A. (2008).  “Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry for  Measurements in Riverine Environments,” Special Issue on Hydrologic Measurements, Water Resources Research, 44, W00D19, doi: 10.1029/2008WR00695.
  7. González-Castro, J. and Muste, M. (2007). “Framework for Estimating Uncertainty of ADCP Measurements from a Moving Boat Using Standardized Uncertainty Analysis,” Special Issue on Acoustic Velocimetry for Riverine Environments, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 133(12), pp. 1390-1411.

Refereed Journal Papers

  1. Kim, D., Muste, M., and Merwade, V. “A Relational Data Model for Multidimensional Representation of River Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics Part I: Model Design,” Submitted to Environmental Modelling & Software.
  2. Kim, D., Muste, M., and Merwade, V. “A Relational Data Model for Multidimensional Representation of River Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics Part II:  Applications,” Submitted to Environmental Modelling & Software.
  3. Ho, H-C., Muste, M., and Ettema, R. (2012). “Sediment Self-cleaning Multi-box Culverts,” Journal of Hydraulic Research, 51(1), pp. 92-101.
  4. Ho, H-C., Muste, M., Plenner, S., and Firoozfar, A.R. (2012).  “Laboratory Considerations for Supporting Multi-box Culvert Design,” Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (in press).
  5. Li, D-X., Muste, M., Zhong, Q., and Wang, X-K. (2012). “An Analytical Study on Turbulence with Mixed-flow Model and Two-phase Model,” International Journal of Sediment Research, 27(2), pp. 235-239.
  6. Kim, D. and Muste, M. (2012). “Multi-dimensional Representation of River Hydrodynamics using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data,” Environmental Modelling & Software, 38, pp. 158-166.
  7. Muste, M., Lee, K., and Bertrand-Krajewski, J-L. (2012).  “Standardized Uncertainty Analysis Frameworks for Hydrometry: Review of Relevant Approaches and Implementation Examples,” Hydrological Sciences Journal, available online: doi:10.1080/0262667.2012.675064.
  8. Muste, M., Kim, D., and González-Castro, J.A. (2010). “Near-Transducer Errors in ADCP Measurements: Experimental Findings,” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 136(5), pp. 275-289.
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  15. Muste, M., Filipiak, J. and Spitzack, C. (2011). “Iowa UNESCO-HELP: From Capacity Building to On-the-ground Action,” Journal of Hydrologic Environment, International Hydrologic Environmental Society, 7(1), pp. 159-165.
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