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Day 16

On our second day in Jaipur we visited the City Palace and the astrological collection. During our visit to the astrological park we saw the largest sundial in the country. It was so tall and precisely set up that the time shown on it is within 2 seconds of accuracy! The smaller ones in the park showed time to within 40 seconds of accuracy. Most of us marveled that such old instruments can operate with such precision. In a group of engineers the desire to understand how the people of an earlier time had solved this problem of measuring time. Along with the sundials there were several other instruments that were used in conjunction to determine the horoscope of new babies being born. From that horoscope babies lives we’re quite planned out from that point.

After exploring this amazing group of astrological instruments we made our way to City Palace, the residing place of the prince of Jaipur, who, at this time is 19 years of age and plays Polo. The palace was beautiful and extravagant. The throne room was dripping in beautiful carpets and fabrics. And was lined with images of each of the rulers through the years. After exploring the City Palace, we made our way back to the bus where some members of our crew got henna done on their hands. It was at this point that we headed for some lunch. Lunch consisted of a fast food location similar to Haldiram’s. There was a complete sweets counter inside which we took advantage of perusing. By the time we were done we were running out of time to head on our way to Agra. Sadly this meant we would not be able to shop for the illusive blue pottery of Jaipur. On our way out of town Marian spotted a shop and we gladly went to inspect the beautiful works. Unfortunately we did not fare so well with bargaining this time. Nonetheless it was an eventful and beautiful day.


Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018