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Day 15

Our first day in Jaipur started with a long bus ride from the Sehgal Foundation compound.  We left early in the morning on huge tourist-y bus, spotting elephants, camels, and Hanuman (the Monkey God) representations on the way.  Jaipur is trying different ways to clean up and “green up” its city, such as planting trees and using wet and dry recycling bins

First, we visited Amer Fort.  Amer Fort was constructed on Hindu-style elements with sandstone, limestone, and marble.  A lot of the painted art was painted on limestone because the paints can absorb into the porous material and last for very long periods of time.  Art was painted with colors made from fruits, for example, green from mango leaves.  Inside the fort was a Hindu temple where you can ring the bell, get blessed, and offer prayers to the gods.


Next, we visited the Water Palace, Jal Mahal.  Many people come the area to photograph the palace and look at the street vendors lined up.  After the palace, the group went and did a little shopping!  Some of us were on a mission to find the elusive blue pottery, but could not find it in the end.  So, we settled for elephant-patterned pants, saris, scarves, and more.  Being out so late, we saw the city palace lit up at night!

After shopping, we went to a fancy restaurant, Niros, which served Chinese and Indian dishes.  Their food was really good!

Stay Desi,



Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018