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Day 14

Due to unforeseen changes and challenges, the class did not give a final presentation. However, everyone was still very busy at work. Most people spent the day working in the conference room to finish analyzing and organizing their data The soil group, along with people who had finished their own work, was attempting to finish collecting from the soil samples from Karhera, a local school while also archiving those samples.

During the afternoon, the group in the conference room took a small break from our work to meet with another group of students. These students were volunteering in India for a class through their university and were from the United States as well. After meeting with the students, the entire class was thanked for working towards such an important cause and encouraged to continue this kind of work by the Sehgal Foundation. We thanked the foundation for the opportunity to come to India and for what we had learned while we were there. After the meeting, everyone continued their previous tasks.

Around six o’clock that evening, we headed out to dinner to Barbeque Nation,a restaurant the entire group had been hearing about all of the trip. Everyone was excited to eat there. The first course of the meal included various meats with varying levels of spices and special sides like fried corn. After we were finished with the various meats offered, we were allowed to eat as much of the buffet as we wanted which included traditional dishes and beautiful desserts. During the meal, people were pulled away from the table to go and visit the kitchen to see the workers at work. Later on during the meal, we found out that there would be dancing soon so everyone left the table to see the dancers. Megan even jumped in to dance, as you will see in the attached video.

After everyone had had their fill on food, we all ventured back to foundation or hotel to get ready for the long trip to Jaipur in the morning!


Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018