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Day 13

Today was a day in which some people went out in the field and some of us stayed behind. Those who went out into the field worked all day to finish up all of the sampling that needed to be completed, considering this was the last opportunity. This included Megan K, Carli, Emily, Kelly, Amina, David, Mac, and both Marian and Allen. The rest of us spent the day working on data analysis and soil sampling. Half way through the day Marian called and asked that some of us go run some errands because the team out in the field wouldn’t be returning until late. A driver had been left for us to use for the day. After lunch at the Huda City Center, which included some momos and an unusually good falafel wrap from Pita Pit, a couple of us headed out to Ambience mall. Ambience mall provided us with a store that had an SD card as well as a store where Andrew could try on a $20,000 watch. After that, we still needed to buy groceries. We asked the driver to take us to City Market but on the way we spotted a different Needs Market so we quickly pulled over and went there instead. After we got home, we ordered Thai food for delivery from Big Wongs and played some Uno with friends in the dining hall. It was an early night.


Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018