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Day 12

Today I was with a team of 8 other people (9 total) in the field, while the rest of the group stayed at the Sehgal Foundation. The group the went into to the field consisted of Marian, Megan K., Abby, Amina, Nicole, Elhadi, Greg, Andrew, and myself (Megan H.). After a hectic drive, we arrived at the Sehgal Center in Ghagas.There we waited for Sadiq, Kuldeep, and Zafar, who lead us to various wells throughout the day. Due to time constraints we could not use the Hydrolab so we used the solinst and hach sensor to test water quality. We ran into trouble at the government well where we could not get into the well. To solve this problem a government employee (possibly?) came out to the well and allowed us the us tools to try and open it. After hammering metal coverings enough space was made to get Sadiq’s tool down the well. By the end of this battle of wits and wells the well won in the end by taking Sadiq’s tool and leaving us with a depth measurement that we could not double check. We then moved on to another well, which with too cluttered to get the solinst sensor down, not for lack of trying. By the time we finished trying to make a path to the bottom of the well it was 2:00 pm. We made the trek back to Gurghas to eat Muubinas now famous lunch of potatoes, lentils, fried bread, and carrots. After scarfing down our food in about 15 minutes, we waited an hour for Marian and members to the Sehgal Foundation to finish making the plan for the afternoon.

In the afternoon split into two groups one of Zafar and the Sona Boys (Greg, Andrew, and Marian) and the next group of Sadiq, Kuldeep, Elhadi and the girls (Megan K.,  Megan H., Amina, Nicole, and Abby). The Sona Boys went to try to tackle the well we were at before lunch, while Elhadi and the girls went to sample five final wells before the end of the day. We met at Kahera school, where we picked up soil samples and the two groups met together for the the car ride home.

-Megan Heath

Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018