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Day 11

Today was the first day of the trip where we had no pre-planned activities as a large group. Most of us were interested in visiting the same three sites, but we decided it would be easiest to split into smaller groups for ease of travel. A quick metro ride took us to the first stop, Lodi Gardens.

Exiting the metro station it was obvious we had entered a nice quiet neighborhood with large homes and beautiful landscaping. The walk from the metro station to the park was one of the most pleasant walks we had experienced yet. Lodi Gardens is exceptionally beautiful and clean, peppered with large historic dome structures open to the public. Couples taking engagement photos and families picnicking were present at every turn.  Several teenagers celebrating their dogs birthday tried to convince me to eat dog food, but I declined.

Shortly after the dog food incident my illness sent me on a sharp decline. Thinking I could tough out my stomach issues, we headed to Khan Market from Lodi Gardens for lunch and some quick shopping. They ate a small bistro with a very pleasant atmosphere and a pretty nice bathroom. The longer we sat for lunch the more apparent it became to me that I needed to head back to Sehgal ASAP.

       Andrew being the selfless caring human he is, accompanied me back to Sehgal in a taxi while the rest of the group headed to Lotus Temple. Word on the street is there was an exceptionally long single file line prior to entering the temple. Lotus Temple is a place of worship open to all faiths.

While I was sound asleep trying to get over my illness, two of the groups made it to their final destination. The final group walked around for two hours attempting to find the market and ultimately called it quits. Hauz Khas, highly recommended by Parth, is a park area near to a market. The market was the final stop for two of the groups. From what I hear, one of the groups made it to a Himalayan and Tibetan restaurant that they very much enjoyed.


Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018