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Day 8

Today was our group’s first trip to the field to gather data, after Tuesday was kind of an introduction at the sites we would be surveying. Because people are working on different projects, we sent 11 students with Professor Bradley to the field and 5 stayed behind to work on drying the soil, perform tests, and complete any more research they needed for their part of the project. The 11 students who went departed Sehgal around 9:15 to head for the Sehgal center at Ghagas. When we arrived at the location, we met up with Jafar who began leading us to different wells to take measurements. Our goal was to measure TDS, depth, temperature, and collect water samples. Unfortunately the day became frustrated as many of the wells were too small to send our equipment down and take readings. Other wells were dry or too deep for the probe to reach. We successfully gathered a few water samples and recorded readings from multiple wells near the Sehgal center.

For lunch, Mobina (not sure on the spelling) cooked some lovely rice, beans, and potato dishes that were served with the fried bread and carrots. It was delicious!

Marian spent the day at the airport trying to recover some of our equipment that was being held by customs. Thankfully his mission was successful and we have the kits we need for more in-depth testing of water samples.

Because of our hectic day, we decided to move field day #2 to Monday and stay on campus tomorrow to organize plans and recuperate before the busy weekend ahead.



Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018