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Day 5

Today was day 4 and it was a pretty casual day. We started the day off by eating breakfast at 11:00 am since we were up past midnight celebrating the new year. Breakfast was served at the F66 Hotel which is across the street from the Sehgal Foundation. After, we walked to the metro station to head over to Janpath Market where everyone did some shopping. This Market exposed some of us to bargaining; which some of us did pretty well at and some not so well. For more shopping we headed to Dillihaat Market via metro, which was full to the brim and caused some of us to split into groups. The Dillihaat Market was appealing and less chaotic than Janpath Market. Most products that were sold there were: scarves/saaris, paintings, and souvenirs (for tourists). After everyone was done shopping, we ate dinner at the food court in the Dillihaat Market and later headed back to Sehgal for the night.



Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018