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Day 2

The day of December 29th was the group’s first full day in India. After the previous day’s travel mishaps, the group woke after a glorious night’s sleep. Breakfast was scheduled for 9:00 AM, where our hosts, the Sehgal Foundation, served omelettes, toast, and tea. This was the first opportunity for us to mingle without the stress of travel.

After breakfast, we were introduced to the Sehgal Foundation working room. The working room would be the base of operation for academic work. The room was equipped with a single central wooden table, with enough chairs to accommodate the entire group. The walls were adorned with colorful posters describing the Sehgal foundation’s vision; water security, empowering farmers, and promoting the development of rural communities are some of the organization’s top priorities.

After listening to a few presentations from the Sehgal foundation, we left for the Galaxy Mall to buy clothing and groceries. Traffic was chaotic as usual and teeming with motorized rickshaws. Many of the busy streets were lined with street food salespeople.

After the mall, we left for an Indian restaurant named Raj’s Food. The venue was outdoors, allowing us to savor the sights and sounds of Delhi. We ordered Butter Chicken, Algori Tikka Chicken (which was awfully spicy), Garlic Naan, and other traditional Indian dishes. We wasted no time getting acclimated with India’s finest cuisine!



Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018