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Day 1

On Wednesday, December 27th we got off to a cold start at -6 deg F at 4am in Iowa City. All the India Winterim classes loaded onto two buses and headed out towards Chicago, very eager to leave Iowa for the balmy Indian climate. Unfortunately, the cold wasn’t just inconvenient, but also meant that one of the buses had issues with their biodiesel fuel freezing. After having to drive 20 mph on the shoulder of I-88 for miles, struggling to keep the fuel warmed up, and finally transferring to a new bus at the DeKalb Oasis, we made it to the airport 2 hours behind schedule. We originally planned to arrive at the airport 4 hours early, leaving us 2 hours to get to our terminal, but that’s not very much time for O’Hare International Airport two days after Christmas. After fretfully waiting in many lines, however, everyone made it right as they were beginning to board the plane. But our journey was just beginning!!
Next we sat on our airplane. For a long time, 13 hours to be precise. The food was really good for plane food!
We arrived at the Abu Dhabi airport where we enjoyed a two hour layover, getting the opportunity to stretch our legs and get refreshed. The 3.5 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Delhi seemed very short compared to our first flight that day.
We thought we were home free when we reached the airport in Delhi, but unfortunately our endurance and travel-wits were tested again when two pieces of luggage were found to be missing! Marian tried for several hours to locate the luggage and figure out at what point it was lost, but with no success. After some struggle locating our bus, we finally headed out towards our final destination at the Sehgal Foundation, soaking in the sights of India for the first time slightly deliriously due to sleep deprivation. After around 33 hours total of travel time, it is safe to say that no one had any trouble falling right asleep as soon as we arrived to our temporary home.

Last modified on September 18th, 2018
Posted on September 18th, 2018