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Tour of Amber Fort (Jan. 1)

by Bryce Haines

We started the new year off with a trip to Jaipur. The day before had consisted of a long rough ride sitting in close proximity to our classmates, so we were relieved when a coach bus was waiting outside of Sehgal Foundation for our trip. The main highlight of this trip was Amber Fort. It is a palace situated on top of a hill that overlooks the town of Amer. A wall completely surrounds the fort, with guard towers located throughout the wall for protection. A guide showed us around the fort and told us a bit of the history. We learned that there were living quarters for the monsoon season, while housing for the winter was on the opposite side of the fort. The winter housing was the only room that tourists could enter. Beautiful mosaics were distributed throughout the fort; one mosaic that stood out for me was made of Belgian mirror glass, a rare commodity. It was an important feature of the fort, positioned to reflect light in many different directions.

Overlook Tower.

Overlook Tower.

We enjoyed exploring the large fort. One of our explorations led us to an overlook tower, where a mother monkey and her baby entertained us playing on the roof. When the monkeys noticed us watching inside, they became curious about what we were doing and the baby decided to leap inside the room for a closer investigation. The mother followed her baby, and everyone scrambled to get out of the overlook. The mother opened her mouth to reveal her teeth and fangs, which significantly speeded up the students’ departure from the room. The monkeys had successfully invaded the overlook, and after a few more pictures our group had seen enough of the fort. We regrouped to plan the next adventure.

The next experience turned out to be a visit to a silk shop. Staff there quickly demonstrated how they imprint the silk, and then we were released into the shop where they had workers eagerly waiting to sell us anything. After the purchase of scarves, clothing, and comforters, we finally left the store. We were pretty tired, but we were told we were going to one last destination—a Gypsy festival. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment, and the food was unappetizing as well. We ended the night in a decent hotel where everyone slept well.

Last modified on July 8th, 2016
Posted on June 13th, 2016