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Qutab Minar and Humayun’s Tomb (Dec. 29)

by Thalía González Torres



First day in Delhi! We took the day to get used to the time change and new culture, as well as go exploring. First, we visited the Qutab Minar, a 73m high tower. Delhi’s first Muslim ruler started construction of the tower in 1200 AD. However, because he was only able to finish the basement, his successor, Iltutmush, made an addition, as did the other rulers who followed.

We drove to a shopping area and walked around for a bit looking for more conservative shirts

Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun’s Tomb

for the girls to wear to the Mewat. Most of us came out empty-handed, but we knew we would have more time to shop the next day.

We decided to eat lunch in a nearby restaurant called Khan Chacha. After eating, our next destination was Humayun’s Tomb! Haji Begam built this tomb for her husband Humayun. A few rulers from the Mughal Dynasty are also buried there. This was the day where we got to know each other and began to interact as a group.

It is safe to say that by now, we know each other a little too well.

Last modified on July 8th, 2016
Posted on July 8th, 2016