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Back in the Office (Jan. 6)

Office work Jan 6Today we were back in the office after our first official first field day in Mewat. We began calculating and compiling results for TDS, salinity, coliforms, etc. After a full nine hours of work, we treated ourselves to a little bit of home at BBQ Nation. Because India is primarily vegetarian, we had not eaten much meat, so we indulged ourselves at BBQ Nation. We all feasted on grilled shrimp, chicken, potatoes, cheese, and more! We were also thrilled with the all-you-can-eat dinner and dessert buffet. The endless supply of gulab

On the Roof Jan 6 jamun was most delightful! We ended the night by convincing our table’s server that it was our professor’s birthday! Professor Bradley hesitantly put on the obnoxiously-lit glass and crown that BBQ Nation gave him as we sang happy birthday in Hindi and English. We ended the night on a good note BBQ Nation Jan 6as we ate his birthday cake!


Last modified on June 17th, 2016
Posted on June 17th, 2016