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A Day in the Lab and a Great Meal (Jan. 12)

by Jonathan Wong

Working in the lab.

Working in the lab.

We woke up to another freshly made breakfast by the Sehgal foundation. With a sip of Masala chai and some bananas, we were off to the office! From 9 am to 6 pm we worked incredibly hard on our final presentations, and on figuring out water depth and salinity trends and how they affect the life of the people who live there. We used the data collected from the field to figure out soil quality, water quality, crops grown, etc. At 6 pm, the professors relieved us of our duties and we went to our rooms to freshen up for dinner.

With a sense of accomplishment and a slight tinge of tiredness, we climbed in our vehicles to go to the Galaxy Mall. We went to a gift shop that seemed to have everything. They had anything from “marble” chessboards to painted scarves. In typical gift shop style, the shop staff tried to convince us that their merchandise was the best or the most original. Nonetheless, the shop was dope.

We were hungry when we arrived at Raj Foods. We got a ton of food, including Paneer Lababdaar, chicken tikka masala, kadhai chicken, and some other dishes. Our party of 13 people was all satisfied, and for less than 2000 rupees (less than 30 bucks). Cha ching! It was glorious. We were satisfied. Fast forward to later that night, and a couple of us felt a bit sick from the food.

With full stomachs and a full day ahead of us we headed to our rooms and hit the hay.

Last modified on August 25th, 2016
Posted on July 8th, 2016