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January 9th

Wednesday was another day in the office and we actually accomplished a lot by compiling all of our data into a single database.  We had a shorter day compared to the previous day and we made reservations for our group to eat at Barbeque Nation, a Brazilian-Style BBQ joint.  When we got back to the hotel from IRRAD, we discovered that Steve was in bad shape and a doctor had to be called in to see him.  It was sad that Steve and a couple other guys couldn’t join us for BBQ Nation, because it sure was tasty.  A grate full of hot coals was placed in the center of the table and skewer after skewer of fish, shrimp, veggies, chicken, (no beef in India) etc. were placed over the coals.  A flag was on the table which was finally turned down after about 10 rounds indicating that we were full.  That was just the appetizers though so I skipped the main course and went straight for dessert, ice cream and cake, which was delicious.  We returned to the hotel content and I slept well with a belly full of barbeque.


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Posted on March 31st, 2013