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January 17th

Our final day in India, and it was time to hit Delhi again.  This time we opted to use the metro system to go into Delhi, which was quite an experience.  We didn’t really know what we were doing. After some help from the locals, we had our tokens and were on the train.  Our hotel is a couple blocks from the last metro station on the line, so it was really comfortable and not crowded at the beginning.  As we made our way into the city, more and more people packed in. By the time we reached our station to transfer lines it was shoulder to shoulder.  We successfully switched lines and made it to our stop which was a small market.   We walked around a bit and ate lunch at McDonalds then hopped back on the metro to go to Dilli Haat market which we had visited almost three weeks before.  The metro stations can get really nutty and people just cut you in line waiting for the train or tickets if you let them.  The trains get so packed it seems like a clown car, but it was a pretty cool experience.  We got to Dilli Haat and did some shopping before returning to Gurgaon and our hotel.  Now it’s evening and I’m all packed and ready to return home.



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Posted on March 31st, 2013