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January 16th

Wednesday morning we walked to work and began putting the finishing touches on our final presentation.  The time seemed to go by too fast and we ended up scrambling a bit as IRRAD employees and the CEO started coming into the conference room at 2:00.  I was a bit nervous because my powerpoint was not scripted out very much it was just some screenshots of the GIS software and me explaining what I had done and how.  It ended up going pretty well though, and it was good practice for me doing some speaking off the cuff about what I’ve worked hard learning over the past couple semesters as well as these past three weeks.  My segment was only a small portion of the whole presentation, and each group spent about half an hour explaining what we had done.  Everyone did really well, and it was very gratifying seeing all of our accomplishments presented in a coherent manner.  We had developed a GIS and information database, created a long-term water monitoring network which IRRAD would implement, created a rudimentary hydrologic model with software to simulate the flow of groundwater, and collected and analyzed data from wells as well as socio-economic data comparing a fresh water and saline water village.  Whew!  Catch all that?  Our presentation ended up lasting three hours, which must have been pretty brutal for some of the attendees.  Afterwards we had tea and snacks and chatted with the CEO for a while.  We were all pretty tired, mentally and otherwise, but we rested only half an hour or so before heading back to BBQ Nation for dinner with the CEO, Jane, and Lalit, our main collaborator at IRRAD, and Raj Kumar, our amazing driver for the past three weeks.  We ate lots of bbq skewers, which were delicious, and topped it off with cake and ice cream (pretty sick of Indian food by now!).  It was Bryce’s birthday so most of the crew went to Striker’s, an 80s dance club, but I was pretty tired and opted to come “home.”

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Posted on March 31st, 2013