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January 13th

Sunday morning we hit up the mausoleum that the Taj Mahal is based on, it was small and less ornate for sure, but nice because there was hardly any tourists. We went back to the chaos of Agra, and an hour drive to an abandoned city and palace from the early 1600s called Fatehpur Sikri.  We probably could have done without this stop, it was the same red sandstone type fort as Agra Fort, and we were all kind of burnt out I think.  On top of that, the salesmen were incredibly aggressive and would just grab arms and yank you around to be your guide, expecting money in return.  You just have to ignore them and not look at them, which seems rude but if you give an inch they’ll drag you a mile and not leave you alone.  A couple of the guys in our group had to pay them off just to get the off their backs.  It was annoying and even infuriating for some among us, but I understand that these people are just trying to feed their families any way they can.  It made me appreciate being born in America.  It was fun taking the tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) up the little mountain to the city though.  A few little boys jumped on, furiously trying to sell us post cards and pens, and a few of the crew indulged.  We left the historic site and began the long journey back to Gurgaon, five hours of stop and go traffic, blaring horns, speed bumps and almost getting rammed by a cow.  Finally we made it back and I was able to decompress after a long, somewhat stressful, but amazing weekend.  Gurgaon seemed absolutely clean and organized compared to Agra, even with the pigs running around.


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Posted on March 31st, 2013