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January 11th

Today was another day in the office.  We got a lot done by using the GPS and survey points to map out the terrain and elevation behind the check dam.  This can be used to eventually estimate the volume of the catchment area.  We got done in the office early because we had a visit planned to the campus of India Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.  Before heading into Delhi we stopped for a bite at McDonalds.  It was a nice change from the Indian food which I am now getting pretty tired of (except tandoori chicken).  There’s no beef in India that I have seen yet (cows being sacred and all), so it was spicy chicken sandwiches and fries for me.  We shopped around the mall where the McDonalds was located and a couple of the guys bought cricket balls for souvenirs.  The electricity went out for a bit while we were in the mall which was interesting.  We left and headed into Delhi and after half hour drive or so we found ourselves at the IIT campus, which was like an oasis in the chaos of Delhi.  The campus was sprawling and beautiful, and we sat on a large lawn with nice grass and soaked up the sun for a while because we were a bit early.  A student came and found us to lead us to the engineering department, where we listened to presentations showing the work that IIT does with water issues, climate change, etc.  We didn’t have time for a game of cricket like we originally planned unfortunately, but maybe being spared the humiliation wasn’t a bad thing.  We headed back to Gurgaon and it was to be an early night as we had to leave to catch our train to Agra at 4am Saturday morning.  Sadly, Steve was still in the hospital at this time and it was now clear that he couldn’t join us in Agra.

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