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December 28th -29th

Well it has been quite a blur since leaving on the bus from Iowa City on Friday at noon. We got to Ohare early and I met up with my group at the gate (minus the professor who had to come three days late) before boarding our 777. On my left I ended up sitting next to the professor of the class I almost took on sustainable development in South India and we had some really interesting conversation. On my right sat a really nice lady of Indian descent how now lived in the US but was returning for an Indian wedding. We also had some good conversation and we toasted after taking off. 13 brutal hours later I was stretching my legs in Abu Dhabi and catching our next flight to Delhi which was a much more manageable three hours. I had a window seat this time and was excited to see the giant man-made palm islands of Dubai brilliantly lit below. I also caught a glimpse of the tallest building on Earth which was quite magnificent even from 30,000 ft. We landed uneventfully in Delhi and were greeting by dozens of giant statues of hands making meditative gestures at Indira Gandhi International. We cleared customs and got our baggage (no lost bags!) and met our drivers who would take us to the hotel. It was incredibly foggy and the drivers had to go slow with hazards flashing as they weaved in and out of traffic consisting mainly of large trucks with no tail lights.


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Posted on March 31st, 2013