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January 9, 2012


January 9, 2012Beep-a-leep! We definitely did not get to sleep in today. Up at 6:30am and out the doors at 7:30am… it was travel time! The bus ride was quite a bumpy journey all the way to Agra. When we were almost to Agra, we stopped at this fort called Fatehpur Sikri. We got a tour guide specifically for this fort and walked around the grounds for a while. The architecture was ancient Mughal style (which means that everything is made of red sandstone, very symmetrical, and very nice carvings into the stone). We have seen a few forts that look similar on this trip but the biggest difference came when we went near the Nawab Islam Khan’s Tomb. Before you enter this courtyard, you must remove your shoes at the top of the grand staircase. Once you were inside, the site was magnificent!

Then we drove to Agra and arrived at Agra Fort by 4:45pm. I remember this time clearly because the fort closed at 5:00pm. Our instructor, Nandita, asked the guide if we should come back tomorrow since the fort was closing but he said, “It’s no problem, we go now.” We went inside the Agra Fort (also Mughal architecture) and started our lovely tour. We walked around the grounds, then through the gate into the courtyard. This is a HUGE fort! It is also known as the “Walled City” and now I can see why! Anyway, the place was beautiful but our tour was short… because the fort CLOSED at 5:00pm! Our guide had lied to us before we went in and told us we would have enough time to see the whole fort. We ended up spending about an hour in the fort but the whole time the guards were using their whistles to kick us out and locking all the doors and gates behind us. It was pretty sad that we could only spend a short time in such a magnificent fort!

After the crazy day of sightseeing, we went to our hotel in Agra. This hotel was so lovely and they even gave us necklaces of flowers as we entered! They were so sweet smelling. At dinner we had a long meal filled with entertainment. A magic guy came out and performed a few corny tricks for us. The best part was when he chose one of our own (Logan) to be his lovely assistant! After dinner, we sat around enjoying the conversation when the live music started. A young boy about 11 years old came out and started dancing for us in a traditional garb. The boy’s name was Arhjoo and the ladies all wanted to take him home because he was so adorable and charming! We ended up moving the dancing outside to their decorated gardens and danced for a while with the live music and a fire going!


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