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January 8, 2012


1,8, 2011We got to sleep in a little bit and then get straight on the tour bus. Vikas, our tour guide, showed us around Jaipur as we drove passed a lot of wonderful sights. We saw a few temples and some great palaces and finally stopped at The City Palace. This is what the brochure says:

This palace is situated in the heart of the old city and occupies about one seventh of the old city area. The palace is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture; it houses a seven-storied Chandra Mahal in the center, which affords a fine view of the gardens and the city. Diwan-E-Am (Hall of public audience) has intricate decorations and collection of manuscripts, Diwan-E-Khas (Hall of private audience) has a marble pawed gallery Mubarak Mahal has a rich collection of costumes and textiles. There is a Clock Tower near Mubarak Mahal and Sileh Khana has a collection of armory and weapons.

After the palace, we walked across the street to see the largest astrology instrument collection that you can imagine! There were all sorts of sun dials and zodiac instruments all around this park. It looked as if it were all modern art, but these were all amazing useful instruments!

After walking around that park, aka “the best science museum ever”, we loaded up on the bus and drove to a spot at the bottom of a hill. The Amber Fort was our destination but it was way up on the top of the hill. Our bus could not make it up the windy tiny roads so we loaded up into a few jeeps and experienced a crazy ride to the top! We could have ridden elephants up and down again, but the tour guide said that it was too dangerous! The actual fort was enormous and gorgeous! The hall of mirrors was brilliant with thousands of convex mirrors so that the light will reflect from any angle. We also got a lesson on the Hindu philosophy:

The elephant and the lily represent the thought of a Hindu. The elephant stands for patience and power because power without patience is full of arrogance and can be very dangerous! The lily stands for growth. The wisdom you gain throughout your life and the beauty of everything makes your life complete. Power, patience, wisdom, and beauty.

We managed to wind our way down the hillside and back to the tour bus. Then, we stopped by a few shops, of course, and they were shops where the tour guide was either paid or told to bring us. The first shop was a super expensive jewelry store that reminded me of Jarrod’s back home. This was rare to see because there was room to walk around, look, touch, etc. At most other shops, the walls are just packed with products to purchase and the shopkeeper has to show each item one by one to you and try to get you to buy it by repeatedly lowering the price! The second shop was more like this. It was a fabric store that was packed to the ceiling with materials of all kinds! We were amazed at how much they kept in the store!


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