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January 7, 2012


1,7, 2011The group got ready and packed for our very first ever Indian train ride to the Pink City called Jaipur!!! We thought that maybe the train would be better for everyone for a 6 hour ride and we were right! The train was awesome. A variety of snacks were continuously available (for really cheap prices too), the chairs turned into beds, the toilets were dirty but available, and the leg room was superb! After the lovely train ride, where we got a much needed nap, we headed by bus to our hotel. Red Fox hotel – “smart accommodation, uncompromising cleanliness, zippy service, and a bold & playful atmosphere”. We unpacked our belongings in the room and then headed out with some of the group to a shopping mall. We purchased some pretty great stuff there at the underground bazaar and drank some delicious coffee!

After shopping, we went to the Rajasthan’s Disney Land! It’s really called Chokhi Dhani and it was intended to show us (us tourists, that is) all of the traditional music, dance, food, animals, and talents of the Rajasthani culture. Dinner was excellent vegetarian variety of sauces, breads, and rice but it was a bit spicy for us! We got to walk around and see a fun puppet show (with a talented seven year old boy playing drums), a woman balancing pots on her head while doing various other activities, a brilliant tight rope walker, and camels and elephants to ride!

All in all, we really enjoyed the experience. Finally we all slept on the way home from the Chokhi Dhani and happily crawled in to our little beds.


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Posted on July 29th, 2012