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January 15&16, 2012


115and-16-arfsedddddeu6After the day of sightseeing, the group wanted to go shopping to finish up the gift buying that most of us had to do. We had all of the other team with us for the whole day so that added eight extra persons to our tribe!

With lots of running around all over Delhi and no success finding a good spot since our bus drivers don’t speak English, we finally decided to go back to the largest shopping mall that we went to before with everyone. Success! Everyone found what we needed and we went back to the hotel.

Once back to the hotel, all of the people started packing their bags in excitement to leave at 11:30pm. Some people napped, some visited on the roof, and some played card games to pass the time. At 11:30pm, everyone loaded up the buses to head home! Au revoir!

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Posted on July 30th, 2012