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January 14, 2012


114-2011We all felt so relieved when we finally finished our projects the day before that we just wanted to celebrate during our last few days in India. We started early in the morning for our sightseeing trip through New Delhi. We had a new tour guide and he took us through all the must see sights of New Delhi. Our instructor specifically asked for a tour guide that was legitimate (meaning, taking us to the ridiculously expensive shops for their own commission) so that we could actually do some seeing of the sights. We saw so many different sights including the Temple of Lakshmi, India Gate, Lotus Temple, and all of the government buildings. The tour bus stopped for about ten minutes at each stop. We tried to go to Akshardam which is a temple that was recently built to honor all religionsā€¦ but the group decided it was too late to go in. Our tour guide then took us to a fort for a light show.

We went back to the hotel after a late dinner on the street ā€“ getting risky!!! We met up with the Solar Cooking class from Iowa which was stationed in Udaipur. They were on their way back to Delhi to hop on the plane with us the next day. We hung out with some of them on the rooftop and got to know a little bit about their experience!


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Posted on July 30th, 2012