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January 13, 2012


113-20111We went to IRRAD with lots of adrenaline flowing around since it was the final presentation day! We were all really excited and proud to show our work. The presentation started at 1:00pm and two people from IRRAD came and one person from the I.I.T. in Roorke came.

Team 1 – Sustainability – Kim and Nandita

The sustainability team gathered census data and assessed the need for a way to quantify which villages were more and less sustainable. This could help IRRAD determine where to focus their resources when they evaluate a certain village’s social need. The different things that were assessed were access to water, capacity to handle more water, education, and other things that I already forgot. IRRAD really seemed interested in using this method of quantifying the needs of communities (although they didn’t quite agree with the numbers that were presented).

Team 2 – Data Collection – Ashley, Logan, David, Nathan

This team showed off the beautiful maps that they digitized and scaled from hard copies. All sorts of maps were made including topographical, salinization areas, groundwater levels, rising/falling groundwater levels, population, well locations, etc. IRRAD seemed really pleased with all of the data collected and organized even though some of it came from their records. Since they are an NGO, they don’t really put their resources into technical aspects but rather the social realm.

Team 3 – Hydrologic Modeling – Nick, Sean, Becca, Ben

This group presented all of the conceptual models that they have been working on for this certain village of Ghagas (which can be modified for other villages). The problem the village is facing is that the fresh water is running down the mountain when it rains and we are trying to keep it in the first zone of fresh water before it hits the second zone which is saline water. Once the water is mixed with the saline water, it is barely useful. The model was pretty rough, but it got the idea across that IRRAD needs to be aware that if these practices continue, there may be no fresh groundwater left in a few years!

Team 4 – Water Quality and Women – Meredith, Kristina, Joanna, and Meagan

“The ladies” as they were commonly called, were focused on two different things. The first thing that they did was to test the water quality at the well and then test it again at the storage container. This was meant to show the women that the way they store their water is really important and that they need to wash out the containers with detergent. Secondly, they focused on educating the women and children in the villages. The women and girls are solely responsible for daily water gathering from the wells and for using it properly. The children are going to be the ones who change everything in the future. The ladies worked hard on making a few promotional posters and showing the gathered information in an easily understandable format. Their final idea, to help teach the children, was to make a super hero that was a water advocate figure. After the presentations went so well, the IRRAD people took us all out for Barbeque Nation which was a wonderful treat the first time, and a wonderful treat the second time!


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