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January 11&12, 2012


111and12-2011January 11, 2012

“Home sweet home” is what we said, arriving in Gurgaon. It is so familiar to us at this point! We woke up after a long night of traveling and went over to the IRRAD building to get some work done. Two of the ladies and a gentleman traveled back to the villages to collect more water samples. The rest of us just kept working on our different projects and ended up working about 12 hours that day!

January 12, 2012

Waking up early after a long day working yesterday, we were motivated to get some results!

Getting to work at IRRAD, we worked hard all day and got a lot of the projects wrapped up. That was the main goal since the next day was our presentation!

We had a little celebration on the patio and tried to unwind before our big presentation the next day. The rooftop patio is our designated hangout place for night activities. It can get a little cold, but it’s fun to sit around together and talk, play games, and listen to music.



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Posted on July 30th, 2012