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December 31, 2011


December 31, 2011We woke up at the same time and shuffled into the cars at around 8:30am. Today’s plan was to see much of the same things that we saw the day before. First, we stopped at a school where children and teenagers were outside playing cricket. These guys were playing with each other but stopped immediately when they saw us get out of our cars. Eyeing up the game, some of our men tried to play cricket with the locals. They gave it a good shot, but they definitely have some practicing to do! The Indians really enjoyed it.

Driving a little way down the road, we found some more check dams and then actually went into the village to see someone’s home. A woman happily showed us how she starts a fire in her cooking oven. Everything looks so strange to someone with a modern home. These villages have two hours of electricity every day and the people must work during the light hours. Some have cell phones but that is about it for electronics! The women and girls wash the clothes by a water source and then hang them to dry near their homes.

Our final village that we were able to visit was the most intense visit! The villagers immediately swarmed around us when we arrived. We then walked together to the lake to see the water source of this village. The women were up about 30 feet from the lake where there was a well. They were throwing in small buckets with ropes and hauling these buckets up to the surface for clean water. This was the most active site we were at. They said that only the women from our group could go up to the well and that if we wanted to go really close, we had to remove our footwear because it was a sacred place. As we made our way back to the cars, the mob of villagers just grew and grew until we cleared out of the village.

The big New Year’s Party started at 8:00pm and we had a toast and started off the night with some great music and chatting. Then the food came out of the kitchen and the party really started! We won’t go into details, but the party lasted until about 2:00am when the group decided they were fairly tired!


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