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December 29, 2011

After a short nap, we were up and about at 8 a.m., and we went down to the basement for breakfast. We ate some of the traditional Indian foods for breakfast … and cornflakes! It was delicious and a little bit spicy, but all in all, delightful!

After breakfast, some people went back to sleep, but some of us went for a walk around town with our instructor, Marian. We were looking up and down the streets and roads, and seeing some very strange things! The first thing we came across was a tiny three-walled hut where a couple was doing laundry and ironing. It was interesting that it was just open and on the side of the road! Then, we turned down a street where some hogs were just chilling out in a open lot. They didn’t seem to notice our presence at all!

We turned down another street and saw a building under construction or renovation. Amongst the heaps of brick and sand, there were half a dozen children, just playing and enjoying the day while their parents worked on the building.

We finally reached the main road, where the traffic was insane! There were all different sizes and types of vehicles, including rickshaws and bicycles. The traffic does not seem to adhere to any specific laws. They drive very aggressively and use their horns to communicate frequently!

Finally, we strolled along the sidewalk, passing many local men having morning tea or a snack. Apparently, this is very common, but the food carts did not look very sanitary or alluring!

For lunch, we returned to the basement of the hotel for more delicious Indian food. It is so nice that they provide us with safe water (bottled) all the time, and prepare such delicious hot foods for us.

After lunch, we took our first car ride to IRRAD. The group split into smaller groups, and three of us went to IRRAD first.

The car ride was spectacular! With fast-paced Indian music playing in the background, the atmosphere was perfect for zipping in and out of traffic! Despite being scared out of our minds, we managed to make it safely to the IRRAD building, not too far from our hotel. Once everyone had the chance to experience this little trip and we were all at IRRAD, our host started a presentation about the organization and what is being done for rural communities as far as fresh water is concerned. They were very excited and interesting to listen to. We could not wait to get started!

After the presentation and question time, we took a taxi to the best shopping mall in the area. All the ladies were on a mission to find to find beautiful scarves to wear the next day in the Mewat District. The shopping mall was very nice, and there were booths outside selling items as well. The gentlemen took a look at all the electronics stores and ate at the food court. When our bellies were full and we could no longer focus on anything, we hurried to the taxi, rode back to the hotel, and crawled happily into bed.

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Posted on July 22nd, 2012