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January 6, 2012


1,6, 2011We woke up early with anticipation of the great day ahead! The water quality team went to Mewat to talk to the women in the village about water issues. The data collection team stayed at our home base in Gurgaon. The hydraulic modeling team went to a different village in Mewat to ask farmers about water usage and to locate all of the wells.

The hydraulics team interviewed about eight farmers and then got some phone numbers to call people that knew a lot about the area for overall farming numbers like crop acreage and number of farms. The other part of the team had a lot of success with finding 70 of the 79 wells in the village. The water quality team had some interesting conversations with women of the village!

After the successful day in the field, we were excited to go out to a special dinner with the gang. We chose to eat at Barbeque Nation also known as “heaven on Earth”! So this restaurant is fantastic and we should definitely get one in the States! You sit down and they turn the center of your table into a charcoal grill! Then they bring out skewers full of meats and vegetables: chicken, fish, shrimp, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions, etc. You just keep eating the skewers and they replace them will new ones! Then, when you’re satisfied with the appetizer portion of the meal, you put the flag down at the table and then go to the buffet for your main course. The soup was unbelievable and the noodles were delicious. Finally, the dessert portion is also a buffet and it was unbeatable. So many of us were just so happy to have some skewered chicken and other meats (notice no cow or pork due to religions in the area)! By the end of the meal, most of us were lying back in our chairs and some of us were actually in pain from the over-eating!


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Posted on July 29th, 2012