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Seminar: Models of Cartilage at Cell & Tissue Scale

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December 10, 2019 @ 3:30 pm - 4:20 pm

Petri Tanska of the University of Eastern Finland will present his seminar “Applications of Constituent-Specific Poroelastic Material Modeling of Articular Cartilage at Cell and Tissue Scales” at the Seamans Center on December 10th.

Tanska Seminar Descriptor

Articular cartilage constituents (collagen, proteoglycans, fluid) are significantly altered during osteoarthritis (OA). A fibril-reinforced poroelastic material model can separate the contribution of each constituent on the mechanical response of cartilage tissue and cells. This model can also be utilized to simulate the mechanical environment of cartilage cells during different daily activities which is crucial for understanding the role of mechanics on cell and tissue scales. By accounting these factors we can improve the accuracy of computational models in predicting the onset and progression of OA. In this seminar, I will present the latest progress of our group in cell and tissue level modeling of articular cartilage and a potential novel application for early OA diagnosis.


Petri Tanska, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Eastern Finland. He received his PhD from the University of Eastern Finland in 2016. His PhD thesis was approved with distinction (top 5%) and it also received a 2nd place award in “Best Doctoral Thesis in Biomechanics 2016” competition held by the European Society of Biomechanics. After his PhD, Dr. Tanska continued as a postdoc at the University of Eastern Finland. During his postdoc, he conducted research visits to Cleveland Clinic (USA) and Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (South Korea). Currently, he is a Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Department of Biological Engineering. He has published over 22 peer-reviewed publications. His current research interests are related to computational modeling of knee joint soft tissues, articular cartilage injury and mechanobiology


December 10, 2019
3:30 pm - 4:20 pm


2229 Seamans Center
103 South Capitol Street
Iowa City, IA 52242 United States
Posted on December 4th, 2019

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