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Projects & Initiatives

There are many efforts underway around the Cedar River Watershed to improve water quality and reduce runoff. The map below shows an overview of the different projects.

Map of Projects in the Cedar River Watershed

Map of Projects in the Cedar River Watershed

Watershed Improvement Projects

Activities on land can have an influence on the condition of water in a stream or lake. Watershed Improvement Projects aim to improve water quality in a stream or lake by changing the way lands in urban and rural areas are managed.

Learn more about starting a watershed improvement project here.

Dry Run Creek Watershed Project

Miller Creek Watershed Project

Clear Lake Watershed Project

Lime Creek Watershed Council

Benton / Tama Nutrient Reduction Project

Watershed Management Authorities

Recent legislation in Iowa has allowed for the formation of Watershed Management Authorities (WMAs). Cities, counties, and SWCDs can form Chapter 28e agreements to cooperatively plan and manage water resource issues at the watershed scale.

Learn more about forming a WMA here.

Upper Cedar Watershed Management Improvement Authority 

Indian Creek Watershed Management Authority

Last modified on January 12th, 2018
Posted on April 29th, 2014