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IIHR Engineering Services: Problems Solved Here

Posted on January 1st, 2018

A screen shot of the front page of IIHR's new shop website showing a large, warehouse-sized river model.

Visit IIHR’s new shop website!

Although IIHR’s shop staff members rarely enjoy the spotlight, they play a vital role in the success of the institute. These talented professionals precisely and skillfully design, draft, model, and build the projects and instrumentation that make IIHR a global leader in hydraulic research. They have the experience and expertise to successfully complete hydraulic modeling projects not only for IIHR, but also for major clients and engineering firms around the world, ranging from St. Louis to London to Abu Dhabi.

Led by Troy Lyons, director of engineering services, IIHR shop staff have expertise that spans the full range of built and natural structures – from hydroelectric dams and stormwater management systems to culverts and erosion mitigation techniques. They staff focus on developing innovative and effective solutions through their precision workmanship. They combine practical skills and experience with state-of-the-art physical and numerical modeling technology, supported by expert field data collection. IIHR’s clients benefit from this experience and technical expertise, which can be customized for each specific situation.

IIHR is an acknowledged leader in the design and construction of physical hydraulic models. “IIHR has remained at the forefront of research on deep tunnels and related hydraulic structures, working on projects in the United States and abroad, including Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Indianapolis, Toronto, Atlanta, Akron, and Abu Dhabi in the last 10 years alone,” Lyons says.

Here are a few examples of recent projects for clients worldwide:

  • Cardinal Power Plant (American Electric Power; Brilliant, Ohio)—The IES recently completed a multi-faceted effort that included paired physical modeling and computer simulations as well as field data collection to help AEP solve a sediment deposition problem in the forebay area near cooling water intakes in the Ohio River.
  • Thames Tideway Tunnel (modernization of the London sewer system; London, U.K.)—IES staff conducted physical modeling to simulate movement of water and air through interception chambers, drop shafts, and orifices required to capture the flow into the tunnel system.
  • Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Project (modernization of the Abu Dhabi sewer system; United Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi)—IES conducted a drop shaft and tunnel model study to help minimize problems with the full-scale structure, which is designed to modernize and expand the Abu Dhabi sewage system.
  • Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (Jacobs Engineering; St. Louis, Mo.)—IIHR researchers were contracted to build a 1:16 scale model of part of a new sewer collection system in St. Louis. The IES team constructed the model to test and validate the design of various underground sewer system tunnels.

IIHR’s focus on research provides additional value to our clients. Every project—from cutting-edge fundamental research to applied engineering challenges—offers an opportunity to learn something new. IIHR faculty and staff work closely with clients to develop validated solutions based on sound science and engineering principles.

Editor’s note: IIHR alumni, you may be able to help us attract new clients. Contact Troy Lyons to request a proposal or to learn more about IIHR’s engineering services.

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