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Safety Information

OriginalIIHRlogo (2)IIHR takes the safety of students, staff, and faculty very seriously. To ensure the safety of all researchers and students, we have created guidelines for safe practices in the field and when operating one of the IIHR research boats.

These guidelines focus on establishing a climate in which safety of University of Iowa personnel has primacy, and where faculty, staff, and students know the policies, procedures, and guidelines to help ensure safe practices. Principal Investigators (PIs) have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the safe field activities of their staff and students. PIs may elect to manage the risks involved with their fieldwork in a different manner to these guidelines, but alternative practices must provide at least an equivalent or greater level of safety.

Please review these documents and fill out the appropriate forms prior to working in the field or operating a boat.

Small Unmanned Aircraft System Safety Guidelines

File a Fieldwork Plan

Read the Fieldwork Safety Guidelines

Read the Boat Safety Guidelines

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Last modified on July 27th, 2015
Posted on October 22nd, 2013

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