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IIHR Bulletins/UI Studies in Engineering

This series (1926–71) is no longer in print. A file set is available for examination in the IIHR Archive in the C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory. Many of these publications are also available for download through Iowa Research Online: University of Iowa Studies in Engineering, or you can contact the IIHR Archives by emailing

  1. “The Flow of Water Through Culverts,” D.L. Yarnell, F.A. Nagler, and S.M. Woodward, 1926.
  2. “Laboratory Tests on Hydraulic Models of the Hastings Dam,” M.E. Nelson, 1932.
  3. “Tests of Anchorages for Reinforcing Bars,” C.J. Posey, 1933.
  4. “The Physical and Anti-Knock Properties of Gasoline Blends,” T.R. Thoren, 1934.
  5. “The Transportation of Detritus by Flowing Water—I,” F.T. Mavis and E.F. Wilsey, 1936.
  6. “An Investigation of Some Hand Motions Used in Factory Work,” R.M. Barnes, 1936.
  7. “A Study of the Permeability of Sand,” F.T. Mavis and E.F. Wilsey, 1936.
  8. “Radiation Intensities and Heat-Transfer in Boiler Furnaces,” H.O. Croft and C.F. Schmarje, 1936.
  9. “A Summary of Hydrologic Data, Ralston Creek Watershed, 1924–35,” F.T. Mavis and E. Soucek, 1936.
  10. “Report on the Hydraulics and Pneumatics of Plumbing Drainage Systems—I,” F.M. Dawson and A.A. Kalinske, 1937.
  11. “The Transportation of Detritus by Flowing Water—II,” F.T. Mavis, T.Y. Liu, and E. Soucek, 1937.
  12. “Studies of Hand Motions and Rhythm Appearing in Factory Work,” R.M. Barnes and M.E. Mundel, 1938.
  13. “Hydraulic Tests of Small Diffusers,” F.T. Mavis, A. Luksch, and H.H. Chang, 1938.
  14. “A Study in Flood Waves,” E.E. Moots, 1938.
  15. “The Road Map of Hydraulic Engineering in Iowa,” E.W. Lane and E. Soucek, 1938.
  16. “A Study of Hand Motions Used in Small Assembly Work,” R.M. Barnes and M.E. Mundel, 1939.
  17. “A Study of Simultaneous Symmetrical Hand Motions,” R.M. Barnes and M.E. Mundel, 1939.
  18. “Percolation and Capillary Movements of Water through Sand Prisms,” F.T. Mavis and T.P. Tsui, 1939.
  19. “Two Decades of Hydraulics at The University of Iowa, Abstracts of Theses, Publications, and Research Reports, 1919–38,” F.T. Mavis, editor, 1939.
  20. “Proceedings of Hydraulics Conference,” J.W. Howe, editor, 1940.
  21. “Studies of One- and Two-Handed Work,” R.M. Barnes, M.E. Mundel, and J.M. MacKenzie, 1940.
  22. “The Study of the Effect of Practice on the Elements of a Factory Operation,” M.R. Barnes, J.S. Perkins, and J.M. Juran, 1940.
  23. “An Annotated Bibliography of Fishways,” P. Nemenyi, 1941.
  24. “An Investigation of Fishways,” A.M. McLeod and P. Nemenyi, 1941.
  25. “The Electrostatic Effect and the Heat Transmission of a Tube,” M.R. Wahlert and H.O. Croft, 1941.
  26. “Investigations of the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, 1939–40,” J.W. Howe, editor, 1941.
  27. “Proceedings of the Second Hydraulic Conference,” J.W. Howe and H. Rouse, editors, 1943.
  28. “The Preparation of Stoker Coals from Iowa Screenings,” H.L. Olin, 1942.
  29. “Study of Transportation of Fine Sediments by Flowing Water,” A.A. Kalinske and C.H. Hsia, 1945.
  30. “The Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research,” 1946.
  31. “Proceedings of the Third Hydraulics Conference,” J.W. Howe and J.S. McNown, editors, 1947.
  32. “Cavitation and Pressure Distribution—Head Forms at Zero Angle of Yaw,” H. Rouse and J.S. McNown, 1948.
  33. “Third Decade of Hydraulics at the State University of Iowa,” M.C. Boyer, editor, 1949.
  34. “Proceedings of the Fifth Hydraulics Conference,” J.S. McNown and M.C. Boyer, editors, 1953.
  35. “Free-Streamline Analysis of Transition Flow and Jet Deflection,” J.S. McNown and C.S. Yih, editors, 1953.
  36. “Proceedings of the Sixth Hydraulics Conference,” L. Landweber and P.G. Hubbard, editors, 1956.
  37. “Operating Manual for the IIHR Hot-Wire and Hot-Film Anemometers,” P.G. Hubbard, 1957.
  38. “Hydraulics of Box Culverts,” D.E. Metzler and H. Rouse, 1959.
  39. “Proceedings of the Seventh Hydraulics Conference,” A. Toch and G.R. Schneider, editors, 1959.
  40. “Fourth Decade of Hydraulics at the State University of Iowa,” L.M. Brush and L.R. Mack, editors, 1960.
  41. “Laboratory Instruction in the Mechanics of Fluids,” H. Rouse, 1961.
  42. “Cavitation and Pressure Distribution—Head Forms at Angles of Yaw,” H. Rouse, 1962.
  43. “Recession Characteristics of Iowa Streams,” J.W. Howe, 1968.
  44. “The First Half-century of Hydraulic Research at The University of Iowa,” E.O. Macagno, D.D. Moran, and D.W. McDougall, editors, 1971.


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