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For many years, IIHR has published a small number of books and produced other material relevant to the institute’s mission, research, and history. These are listed or linked below. In addition to what is included here, IIHR researchers publish many additional articles in professional journals, as well as a number of books through commercial publishers.

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Hans Albert Einstein: His Life as a Pioneering Engineer

Cover of the book titled "Hans Albert Einstein: His Life as a Pioneering Engineer."by Robert Ettema and Cornelia F. Mutel (2014)

In this biography, Robert Ettema and Cornelia Mutel engagingly describe the work of one man—Hans Albert Einstein—and his search to understand and unravel the complexities of rivers. The son of Albert Einstein, Hans Albert developed theoretical insights and practical methods that helped lay groundwork for our current understanding of how flowing water transports sediment. Hans Albert’s career was shaped by his early life and formal education in Switzerland, his move to the United States in the 1930s, and growing U.S. concerns about an array of sediment problems. The dynamic relationship with his famous father was played out against a backdrop of family quarrels and illness and political tensions. Though working in different fields of science, Hans Albert and Albert each stood at a scientific frontier. This shared circumstance enriched their relationship. (To order, visit the ASCE Press website)

A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008

Cover of the book "A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008."Edited by Cornelia F. Mutel (2010)

A Watershed Year captures the multiple dimensions of flooding and provides compelling arguments for new approaches to provide a way forward in learning to ‘live with floods.’ The June 2008 flooding in Iowa is dissected from the perspective of physical scientists, social scientists, environmental scientists, economists, public policy experts, and engineers. The lessons learned from the 2008 flooding take on particular weight given the recent experiences from the Great Flood of 1993. One of the lessons that will hopefully be learned is that the multidisciplinary approach to flooding adopted in A Watershed Year is an essential aspect of developing effective policies for dealing with floods.”—James A. Smith, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University (To order, visit the University Iowa Press website)


Cover of the book titled "Cavitation," by Robert J. Knapp, James W. Daily, and Frederick C. Hammittby Robert J. Knapp, James W. Daily, and Frederick C. Hammitt (1970; reprinted in 1979)

Using a strong physical approach as its framework, this classic discusses the genesis and occurrence of cavitation as a hydrodynamic phenomenon, its effect on flow properties, and its effect on equipment performance. This comprehensive treatment has made Cavitation the leading reference on the subject. It has been widely quoted in the English- and foreign-language technical literature. Cavitation has been used as a text and as a reference for students enrolled in advanced fluid mechanics courses. (Price: $25.00)

Estuary and Coastline Hydrodynamics

Cover of the book titled "Estuary and Coastline Hydrodynamics," Edited by A.T. IppenEdited by A.T. Ippen (1966; reprinted in 1982)

This book, which originally appeared as an Engineering Societies Monograph, is ideally suited as a text for teaching, and as an authoritative reference to near-shore oceanography and coastal engineering. The chapters were authored by distinguished professionals acknowledged as leaders in engineering and science. (Price: $29.00)

Cover of the book titled "Hans Albert Einstein: Reminiscences of his Life and Our Life Together"

Hans Albert Einstein: Reminiscences of His Life and Our Life Together

by Elizabeth Roboz Einstein (1991)

Hans Albert Einstein established himself as one of the 20th century’s experts in sediment transport. He was also the son of Albert Einstein, a fact that shadowed his life for nearly seven decades. In this memoir, Hans Albert’s widow outlines what she knows of her husband’s parents and of his first 55 years of life, and then describes her own life and their 14 years of marriage. The book includes descriptions of Hans Albert’s mother Mileva and of Hans Albert’s professional contributions, written by scholars in the field. (Price: $12.50)

Cover of the book titled "History of Hydraulics"History of Hydraulics

by Hunter Rouse and Simon Ince (1957; reprinted in 1980)

This comprehensive and detailed accounting of the history of hydraulics has become a classic and much-used reference in the field. Beginning with Mesopotamian, Chinese, and later Greek and Roman approaches to providing crops and settlements with water, the book traces the attempt to understand and control water’s flow from our earliest empirical understandings through the rise and impact of experimental hydraulics, hydrodynamics, and modern fluid dynamics. Heavy emphasis is placed on the personalities behind major concepts and developments. The book is richly illustrated with portraits of key individuals and technical sketches and diagrams. (Price: $12.00)

Cover of the book titled "Historic Writings on Hydraulics"Historic Writings on Hydraulics

by Hunter Rouse (1984)

In the mid-1950s, Hunter Rouse, assisted by the University of Iowa Libraries and financed by royalties from his History of Hydraulics and other IIHR publications, set out to collect source material on the history of hydraulics. The results of this effort are outlined in this annotated bibliography, which contains individual descriptions of the more than 450 items in the collection, which has been described as “the finest collection … to exist on the history of hydraulics.” (Price: $15.00)

Cover of the book titled "Hydraulics in the United States, 1776–1976"Hydraulics in the United States, 1776–1976

by Hunter Rouse (1976)

This book is the first  comprehensive record of the people, events, and accomplishments that comprise the history of hydraulics in the United States. Profusely illustrated, the book contains not only many laboratory and group photographs, but also individual portraits of 150 leading American hydraulicians, ranging from Ben Franklin to representatives of the current generation. (Price: $12.00)

Cover of the book titled "Laboratory Instruction in the Mechanics of Fluids"Laboratory Instruction in the Mechanics of Fluids

by Hunter Rouse (1961; reprinted in 1981)

This bulletin, first published in 1961 and now in its third printing, was written to provide a guide for comprehensive planning in the acquisition and utilization of laboratory equipment and instrumentation for instruction in fluid mechanics. The monograph has been used extensively in the USA and abroad in the design of many research facilities and in the organization of laboratory instruction to complement lectures on fluid mechanics. (Price: $3.00)

Cover of the book titled "Selected Writings of Hunter Rouse, Volume II"Selected Writings of Hunter Rouse, Volume II

Edited by John F. Kennedy (1991)

For nearly half a century, the name Hunter Rouse was synonymous with excellence in hydraulic research, engineering, and education. This former director of IIHR (1942–65) was also a prolific writer on a diversity of topics. This illustrated volume—a compendium of his writings in engineering hydraulics, the mechanics of fluids, education, the history of hydraulics, philosophy, and more personal subjects—spans the period from 1925–89. Together with Selected Writings, Volume I, now out of print, this collection demonstrates Rouse’s breadth of thought and effort from his earliest student days well into retirement. (Price: $30.00)


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