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Consider Graduate Studies at IIHR

Posted on May 19th, 2010
One of IIHR's several flumes, used for teaching and research

One of IIHR’s several flumes, used for teaching and research

IIHR is part of The University of Iowa’s College of Engineering and is one of the oldest and most preeminent hydraulic facilities in the United States.  Unique among fluids research laboratories, IIHR offers state-of-the-art computational simulation and laboratory modeling capabilities, as well as field observational research. This encourages application of an expanding range of cutting-edge approaches for the investigation and solution of a wide spectrum of flow problems, with unmatched ideal learning opportunities for students and researchers.

IIHR graduate students obtain hands-on experience and training in site-specific investigations and field studies leading to degrees and careers in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Geoscience. Extensive IIHR computer and laboratory facilities provide opportunities for basic and advanced research in the broad fields of fluid mechanics, environmental hydraulics, and water and air resources.

Graduate studies at IIHR provide professional expertise integrating:

  • Physics of flow and flow-related processes;
  • Analysis, modeling, and simulation skills;
  • State-of-the-art laboratory equipment, instrumentation, and computer methodology;
  • Environmental, economic, social, and international issue awareness; and
  • Communication skills for a successful professional career.

IIHR offers unique international experiences through its collaborative partners and a special course that takes students abroad for two weeks each year, putting them in direct contact with globally significant hydroscience authorities and landmarks.  (Our next International Perspectives course is tentatively scheduled to visit India in 2012.)

IIHR’s alumni work all over the world in senior positions in universities, research institutes, and industry.

IIHR’s research facilities include the historic C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory, an ASCE Civil Engineering Historic Landmark, in the heart of Iowa City on the Iowa River.  IIHR also occupies seven other buildings in the Iowa City area and the Lucille A. Carver Mississippi River Environmental Research Station (LACMRERS), a state-of-the-art research station north of Muscatine, Iowa, along the Mississippi River.

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